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I honestly swear these guys are ‘Wizards!’

I just cannot believe how good this company is!

How rare it is to find such customer care in 2016.

I honestly swear these guys are ‘Wizards!’

I first met Richard and Andy after arranging to go and view a car that one of their customers had for sale.

Obviously I was skeptical as they were selling a car for someone they knew to a total stranger. Lol

How wrong could I have been, they sat me down and made sure I knew everything about the car and even helped me look at lots of other cars I had saved on eBay that were nothing to do with them.

What these guys don’t know about Porsche you could write on the back of a stamp!

I left that day feeling educated and very happy.

A few days later I purchased the car and I genuinely feel like I bought the car, rather than it was sold to me.

So today I went back to have some work done on the callipers of my car, again the customer service was awesome. The work was carried out exactly as they said, in the exact time they said it would take and to be honest the results are even better than I was hoping they would be.

Happy days!


Carl Smales, 996 – York

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